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Wolverine Orthotics Has Improved My Life.

"When you go to Wolverine Orthotics, Inc. for help you are in for a big surprise. Not only will you get the very best care possible but you are entering a family where everyone cares about you. Oh yes—you often hear we are like a family but they are as much a family with their kindness as anyone could ask for. They will spend the time with you that you need and answer questions in a way you totally understand. Everyone is kind, warm, pleasant, and most of all takes the time you need for your condition. You get to know everyone very fast and when you sign-in, the family there does not say 'Take a seat and we'll be with you soon.' The girls stand there and talk to you because they care. No matter how busy they are, there is no other place to go for your orthotic needs. Ernie Bastian can help make you feel better. I only wish I had the chance to go there sooner. He has improved my life and he will improve yours too."
Linda Marks, April 3, 2008



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