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"I have enjoyed a working relationship with
Ernie Bastian and his staff at Wolverine Orthotics for the past 12 years. Wolverine Orthotics has been consistent in providing my patients with a variety of quality orthotic services in a very timely fashion. Ernie and his staff are highly knowledgeable, and display a professional and compassionate manner in the delivery of their services. When I refer patients to Wolverine Orthotics, I am confident that they will be pleased with the care they receive and enjoy a higher quality of life."
—Thomas Richardson, PTA
Botsford Wellness Complex/TRACC

"I have been working with Wolverine Orthotics for about a
year now, and my experience has been great! I am learning to walking again with two titanium leg braces. Ernie has been working with me...constantly adjusting my leg braces as my walking improves."
—Denise Hurtig

"All of my doctors say Ernie is the best. I agree! He is
very knowledgeable, experienced, innovative, patient and friendly and so are his staff. I would recommend him." 
—Shelly Calfin

"Everyone at Wolverine Orthotics is always happy and there are smiles on all of the staff members." —Dawn

"I was referred to Wolverine Orthotics, Inc. because of a
reoccurring back problem. The inserts have take care of my
Ernie Bastian from Wolverine Orthotics "casting" a patientproblem and I greatly appreciate this."
—Larry R. Snowgold

"Ernie spent a lot time with me talking about my foot problems and how to properly use the orthotics. He was caring, understanding and answered all of my questions." 
—Sari Weiss

"I have tried to wear orthotics in my shoes on and off for
15 years. I am diabetic with long, narrow, flexible and very sensitive feet. My soft orthotics from Wolverine Orthotics are the only ones I have been able to wear. I wear them 24/7 and I can only take my shoes off to sleep. The shoes are lace-up leather, and I have worn my shoes with my orthotics for four years now. I feel so much better with more energy and less pain. I thank heaven I finally found Wolverine Orthotics. Their staff is excellent and so are the practitioners. —Janice Pallister

cute babies"Ernie spent a lot of time with me since I had extensive foot and ankle surgery, and he understood what I went through without me having to tell him! He skillfully prepared and fitted my orthotics. They feel very comfortable and I wear them all the time." 
—David Winer

"In my part time job as a personal trainer and 2nd dance instructor at the Farmington Family Y.M.C.A., I have been wearing orthotics made by Wolverine Orthotics in my shoes and I am virtually pain-free while jumping, running and dancing during training rehearsals. It goes to show you that even a 49-year old with L-foot talonaviculor joint fusion can really benefit and have full occupational quality of life in the fitness field."  —Victoria (Vickie) Ann Kimler




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