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"I had a wonderful experience with Wolverine Orthotics. As a runner, I had always thought that aches and pains were part of the training. But after seeing Ernie (and getting fit with orthotics in my running and regular shoes), my running pain has reduced significantly. I also feel stronger and more stable when running. Ernie and the staff have been great to work with. They are professional, friendly and very accommodating. Although their beautiful office is one hour away from where I live, it is well worth the drive! I would recommend Wolverine Orthotics to anyone in need of improved alignment."   
—Linda Beckett

Wolverine Orthoics Waiting Room"I love the staff service and most of all, Ernie. I don't know what I would do without his knowledge. Now I can walk anywhere... which I haven't done in about three to five years!"   
—Sue Sims

"On a scale of one to ten, the office staff, the treatment and the overall professionalism are all tens!"   
—Robert Tullius

"I had severe foot pain for several months. I iced, stretched, had cortisone shots and still required crutches every morning to get around. It wasn't until I received my orthotic inserts that I began to feel foot comfort. After a month of using my new inserts, I am able to resume my normal day-to-day activities. I now am beginning to resume my running routine. Thanks for the relief and for my life back."   
—Deize Nickless

"Getting out of slippers into shoes with insoles was a great feeling. It's up to me to do the walking now. The arch support is helping me to stand up and start walking again. Thanks."   
—Anna E. Kimler

"The friendly, relaxed atmosphere was helpful. I am most grateful for Andy's patience. Thank you."   
—Doris Weil

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Ernie fitting a patient with orthotics"I first met Ernie in May of 2006, when I was hospitalized with multiple vertebral compression fractures. Early in the hospital course, Ernie fit me with a back brace, which stabilized my spine. This treatment was prerequisite to my being able to move and walk again, and was an integral part of my therapy while in the hospital. Ernie was straightforward and kind to my family and I during this time, which was greatly appreciated.

I was again referred to Ernie after the surgery to stabilize my spine caused a complication called foot drop, which affected primarily my right foot. To complicate matters was a longstanding instability in my left ankle, which became worse with the right foot drop. So, being able to get up and walking again became a huge challenge. Ernie created very different splints for my left and right legs, each split address the specific need of each leg.
Ernie always listened to our concerns. Every contact left as feeling more hopeful. Even when we had to return for multiple adjustments and refittings, we were never treated as though we were bothersome. Everyone in the office was very sensitive to our needs. The office is conveniently located and is clean and comfortable. There is rarely a delay in being seen at the time of the appointment, and if there is we were always kept updated. Everyone is friendly and willing to take the time to answer questions and make sure we are comfortable with whatever changes were planned.

I have progressed to the point that I am no longer needing to constantly wear the orthotics that were once so essential. Ironically, Ernie has helped get me to the point where he may soon be "out of a job" concerning my ongoing care. We had been told that Ernie was the "best orthotics guy in Southeast Michigan", and we have to say that we cannot imagine any better. We so appreciate his and everyone else in the office's ongoing upbeat attitudes and encouragement."   

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